what they don’t tell you about recovery.

It’s the constant in all these variables of your life, and goddamn it… these variables are so unexpected but the outcomes of them coming in and out of your life are generally the same.

So paint yourself a path back to yourself.

The human you were before everyone dragged their claws down your back, before the world handcuffed you to your trauma, before the people you trusted took your love and spit it back up.

You will be in pain, in some type of way, for the rest of your life.

You will chose to be happy, to live, to try again.

Whatever it is that broke you, was unsuccessful.

We are human. May we be filled with flaws and impurities and indiscretion, but we are fueled in ways inexplicable, with incredible endurance.

You are built to last, despite it all.

We will get lost in the forest, for it looks so beautiful and full of promise… sounds so secretive, begging for your entrance.

Leave tracks.

Let yourself follow them back, as the darkness will consume you otherwise.

There was a moment you were brought into this world. You screamed, you cried.

There was a time when none of this touched you.

Not the eating disorders, not the body dysmorphia, not the daily self hatred, no grudges, no mistrust, no mistakes.

Pure and closest to perfection.

Even in that moment, you were flawed, and loved anyways.

Leave yourself a path, just follow it back.

the words & thoughts of a woman you found elsewhere.