the way I’ve treated you is so unfair

You deserve so much beauty and pure love

My love is tainted poison it’s true

Will you just stand by

Draining it of all it’s impurities

Slowly refilling with cracks all sealed up from past breakage

Filter through all of the lies and the fear and pour into me

I’m so sorry, you should be my royalty

Cloaked in happiness and debauchry

You could be the one for me

It’s worth one last shot

I’m so sick of losing these beautiful jewels

I need to hold onto to them as if my life depended on it

And it does

I look at these raw cut gems in my palm covered in blood

I just need a crown to place upon your head

Nothing could hurt us,

The fate is not dead

It’s worth a shot

Try to be the most pure thing

If only you knew how scary it is to know I could fall apart into a million pieces, again, if this crown were to shatter

Look at me

To have and to hold

Please please please

Bow only slightly enough for me to see

Every square inch of your perfect brain

This is a crown of adornment, of a promise

To you, to me

It’s glimmering and full of promise, we cannot waste it’s beauty on the blunders of yesterday

I want to make the dream, manifesting things, seeing the light of positivity

I’m ready to let it go, and grab onto another mentality

This is the type of love that could save me

the words & thoughts of a woman you found elsewhere.