sometimes, always, kind of drunk
stumbling around, no type of grace
speakings truths and tongues,
surely, you don’t know what’s real
neither do i
i can trace this false outline of what may have,
could’ve been
feels a lot like broken promises of love
like tidal waves that knock you over before you can have a breath
you know i don’t know how to swim
so, teach me,
tell me what to do
you think i swallow my words
i think they remerge with foul play
delicate ways you take up my mind
delicate way you strum the instruments deep inside
you play special songs and secrets
we could have the whole orchestra to ourselves
and even if i’m a bad dancer
i’m good when i’m with you
sometimes, always, kind of drunk
dosed in liquors of love
no more watered down poisons
no more lies and ultimatums
i can see your foot halfway out the door
i’m sick of asking you to stay