maybe my existence will always stir up trouble

perpetual sonic boom traveling through waves into outer space, nothing to weight it down, just magnify it and make it even more powerful

ill never be the dainty starlet

a sweet comet illuminating the sky momentarily, but never too much

never too overbearing

never shining too bright or burning too hot

just pure beauty, quietly taking your attention and fading away as fast as it came

no, not me, im the meteor

i come unexpectedly, unable to deny my existence, unable to make a docile entrance

instead i speed far too fast for my preparation and yours, you can smell destruction and devotion all over my crumbling exterior

knowing fully well the atmosphere will push back against me and cause disintegration, but continuing onwards, soaking up the pain like a showered storm

rumbling endings tag along each and every cascading motion downwards, all my existence is to collide with fate so hard and fast, it might just skew the timeline of the cosmos

the words & thoughts of a woman you found elsewhere.